Boat Mooring Fees and Rates!

We aim to provide a brief guide for you in relation to boat mooring fees and rates so you can make an informed decision as to choose the right boat storage option for your boat and situation.

• Buying a mooring at a marina or yacht club fees ranges from US$15,000 to $50,000. This doesn’t include utilities and marina or yacht club fees, which can add costs in ranges from US$5,000 to $10,000 per year. The biggest benefit is the quick and easy access to the water, a safe place to store and no need for a trailer and big tow vehicle.

• Using dry stack facility generally ranges from US$5,000 to $8,000 per year. This price includes regular fresh water hull rinsing, engine flushing, parking and unlimited launches.

Renting boat mooring fees generally range from US$15 to US$200 per night. Mooring fees are generally related to the following factors (in order of relevance):

• location;
• boat length;
• season (high, low);
• mooring type (swing mooring, marina berth/slip);
• booking channel (booking transaction fees).

Different booking channels can contribute significantly to mooring fees and rates, by adding to the cost the booking transaction fees. Available booking channels are:

• direct booking via marinas: it does not include booking transaction, but priority is given to members and brokers and only a limited moorings are reserved for casual visitors;
• mooring brokers: they generally add 15% to the mooring rates and fees and generally provide long term rental options (more than 3 months);
• online booking services: generally add 5% - 15% to the mooring rates and fees;

Additional factor to consider are different maritime policies and regulations in place in the various countries.

Boat Mooring Fees and Rates in Australia

In Australia there are 356 marinas and yacht clubs with 30,000+ moorings and berths.

• NSW which represents 43.8% of marinas in Australia;
• Queensland 18.8%;
• Victoria 11.2%;
• Western Australia 10.1%;
• Tasmania 5.1%;
• The Northern Territory 1.9%;
• Australian Capital Territory 0.6%.

Parks Victoria (Victoria, Australia)

Parks Victoria is a statutory authority reporting to the Minister and is responsible for managing a diverse estate covering more than 4 million hectares, or about 17 per cent, of Victoria. They work in partnership with other government and non-government organisations and community groups such as the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, catchment management authorities, private land owners, friends groups, volunteers, licensed tour operators, lessees, research institutes and the broader community.

Moorings and berths

Parks Victoria manages multiple mooring grounds and berthing locations throughout Port Phillip and Western Port. There are different types of moorings, including:

• annual moorings: Parks Victoria moorings permits on an annual basis;
• destination moorings: Parks Victoria moorings, intended for short-term (overnight) stays, available on a first-come first-served basis;
• seasonal moorings: Parks Victoria moorings available for exclusive use between December and April.

All Parks Victoria managed piers and jetties have colour coded signs identifying temporary berthing zones, loading zones, short term zones and permit only zones. For more information about Parks Victoria and mooring rates.

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