How it works!

We like to call ourselves sea lovers, who enjoy and dream of spending most of our time on the water. We created make fast mooring based on our own sailing experiences around the world. We realised there was an opportunity to build a stronger worldwide sailing community by helping other sailing enthusiasts find, rent and share moorings.

Make fast mooring operates a world class digital platform that connects hosts with guests to find, rent and share moorings and manage payments via a secure payment gateway.


To be part of the make fast mooring community you simply need to sign up by creating your profile or log in with Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin. You can then list or book a mooring. Of course, casual browsers can also search for moorings without registration.


Our profiles feature helps hosts and guests learn more about each other before sharing a mooring. We care about your privacy and we don’t display full names or contact information on public profiles, so we can build trust in our community and make sure your information is safe.


From small to large size moorings, we want you to be part of our community. Our search engine results feature marina berths and swing moorings. Hosts describe their mooring in detail, including price, amenities and availability. You can post reviews on moorings, hosts and guests to help us to improve our service to you.

List Your Mooring

We encourage hosts to share all kinds of marina berths or moorings on make fast mooring. Whether you’re offering a small to large size mooring or more than one mooring, the more the merrier and best of all, it’s free to list. You can decide later if and which listed mooring you want to publish (visible to everyone) or just leave them visible to yourself.


You can securely communicate between host and guest using our protected messaging system. Once the reservation is confirmed you will also receive notification on your contacts, showing the details of the booking.

Payment System

Make fast mooring list moorings in many currencies and any guest can rent a mooring using PayPal or credit card payment methods (using any currency). We collect guest payments once a reservation is accepted by the host and we release payment to the host within a week after check-in date, usually 3 days. This is to protect both guests and hosts from false bookings or similar problems.

For a host to receive payment they will need a PayPal account. This can be set up in the admin section under payments of your make fast mooring dashboard page.

Refer to PayPal for more details about supported countries and details.

24/7 Customer Support

Whether you’re looking to rent or host, we want you to know that we are here for you during and after your experience. We've answered the most common questions about make fast mooring in our Frequently Asked Questions section, and for everything else you can contact us at

Creating your mooring

Users are able to search for moorings that meet specific needs, so accurately describing your mooring will help attract guests that are the best fit for you. Our easy to navigate registration section allows you to describe your space, and includes helpful details such as mooring type, measurement, GPS coordinates, location and marina facilities such as fresh water, electricity, fuel, toilets, showers, WiFi, etc. It’s also important to help your guest feel at home by providing details about surrounding areas, nearest commercial harbours, yacht clubs, cafes, activities, and transportation options.


Photographs help guests to get a good sense of your mooring and the marina area. Go ahead and upload a minimum of 1 photo, and make sure your photos are well focused and representative of the actual area your guests have access to.

Some pictures of the surrounding area will increase the appeal to guests, for example cafes and amenities.

Pricing and availability

You know your schedule best, so we ask you to rent according to your availability and a fair and reasonable price. We display your listing at the price you set and when you indicate that your space is unavailable, we make sure guests won’t be able to book it. To list and rent a mooring, it is easy. You must be a host and your mooring must be published to share at least 1 day in the calendar year. According to the type of mooring (swing mooring or berth) we apply a guest service fee of between 2.25% and 2.75% and a host fee of between 4.25% and 5.75% for each transaction.

For example; for a $100 swing mooring booking, the guest would pay $102.25, while the host will receive $95.75.

We have a minimum nightly price of 15 USD, AUD, NZD, GBP or EUR to successfully register a mooring.

A host can also decide to manually (or automatically) accept/decline booking requests, based on the setting “Confirm reservation manually” of their mooring. "ON" means manually, "OFF" means automatically and instantly accepted.

Respond to Requests

Guests who are interested in your mooring will click “Request Booking”, then the host will receive a notification and, based on their specific mooring's setting, the host can accept/decline each incoming request manually or automatically.

If you (the host) choose to set “Confirm reservations manually” to "ON", this will allow you to accept or decline each booking manually If you choose to set “Confirm reservations manually” to "OFF", this will allow you to accept each booking automatically and instantly without any action required. For each mooring you can specify "ON" or "OFF" independently.

The “Contact” button gives anyone the option to start a conversation about the mooring through our secure messaging system. You can use our messaging system to discuss trip details, request special prices or ask about specific amenities.

Welcome Your Guests

Once you have a confirmed a reservation, it’s time to prepare your mooring for your guests arrival. Be sure to supply handy tips about the area, local marine knowledge and where required, details of marina access.

Coordinating arrival and departure

Use our messaging functions to clarify the details of your guest’s arrival and departure. Check in time is after 14:00 on the arrival day and check out before 11.00 am on the departure day, unless agreed differently with your host. Let your guest know if you’ll greet them in person or tell them any information they need to know before arriving or departing.

For first time bookings we recommend the host being contactable or to specify a designated and reliable point of contact to be available to help remedy any issue that may arise.

Writing reviews

At make fast mooring, we want to build a trusted sailing community by providing fair reviews. You and your guest have a few days to write reviews and share comments about your experience.

Guests will have the option to write two reviews, one about the mooring and one about the host.

Hosts will have the option to write one review about the guest.


All you have to do is enter your sailing destination into the search bar to discover exciting places to rent a mooring around the world.

Tools that help you search

We display photos of listings, host profiles and reviews to help you make informed decisions when considering a mooring space. We've also created search filters so you can narrow your results to match your specific needs e.g. swing mooring or marina berth, draft, price, private owner or marina.

Using the Desktop view, you can also use the MAP and move, zoom on it to find the spot you prefer.

How to book a stay

Once you are a guest you can request to reserve a mooring space by first clicking the "Review & Book" button. You will then be able to review all the details (price, dates, etc). The "Request Booking” button sends the guest to the PayPal/Credit card payment page and once the guest authorizes the payment, we send a reservation request to the host for the specific dates selected.

The host has the option to accept or decline the request, or ask you questions about your request. When a host responds to your request, we instantly send you an email to let you know. If the host doesn't confirm your booking within 7 days, your request expires. Where the host has configured the mooring confirmation to automatic, there is instant confirmation.

We then send you a receipt via email with your booking details, and the host may also follow up with you.

The "Contact" button lets you start a conversation with the host through our secure messaging system. You can use our messaging system to discuss things like trip details, request special prices or ask about amenities.

Payment and confirmation

When you select the “Request Booking” button, we'll ask for your payment details so we can hold your reservation.

The "Request Booking" button send a request, the host has max 7 days to respond. We won't charge your payment method until the host accepts your reservation. Once the host accepts, we process your payment and send you a confirmation email that includes your receipt, and best wishes for a great trip! If you don't hear back within 7 days, your request automatically expires.

If the host had configured the mooring to be automatically confirmed, your reservation will be immediately confirmed and we'll process your payment right away.


Once you know your destination and have successfully booked on make fast mooring, all you have to do is start sailing!

Before you get there

We recommend contacting your host prior to departure to confirm check-in time and arrival/departure details. If you prefer, access make fast mooring from your mobile, so you can stay in the know while on the go.

You can also view your reservation details, from the "My Bookings" section on your personal account page.

After you travelled

Write a review about your host and their mooring so other sailors can learn through your experience. Your host will also have a chance to write a review about you. Then, pick the next sailing destinations you'd love to go to and find a mooring with make fast mooring!

Your Personal Dashboard and account page

We provide numerous functionality in your private and dedicated account page. From messaging, editing your profile, change of password, mooring edits, reviews as well as the following:


A quick summary of your bookings: unconfirmed, confirmed, and old ones (archived).


This functionality allows you to easily view revenue and bookings in a chart format.

Manage Admins

This functionality allows you to delegate to someone else to administer your account and listings. Perfect for marinas or if you want more than one person to help/manage/rent the same moorings.


To specify the email linked to your PayPal account where we will send the money of your rentals.

Save a search alert

Guests can set up a daily or weekly search alert by selecting a pre-saved search.

Waiver Agreement

Host can define their own waiver agreement.

Refunds & Cancellations to protect you

You can cancel your reservation from the "My Bookings" section on your personal account page. Any guest cancellation before the host acceptance of the booking has no penalty, like never booked it at all. Host can decline a booking, and again, no fee for anyone, like never booked it at all. Until 7 days before the check-in date, guest can cancel and get a full refund (except fees), then guest cannot cancel the booking anymore. Host cannot cancel a booking after they have accepted it. MakeFastMooring withdraw the money from the Guest when the host accepts the booking. Money get transferred to the Host withing a week from the check-in date (usually 3 days after the check-in date). In any case and especially outside above scenarios. Please ensure you contact the host before cancelling, as, refunds would be at the host’s discretion. Make fast mooring takes no responsibility for reimbursement due to cancellation.

It is up to the host to determine their own policy and agreement with the guest.

Service fees are no refunded.

Renting or sharing moorings and berths to 3rd parties

Hosts should understand how the laws relating to sub-letting or transfer of a mooring or berth to a 3rd party operate within their respective areas. Some areas have laws that restrict the ability to sub-let mooring or berths without prior authorization from the relevant governing body e.g. council, marina. Make fast mooring is not responsible for administering any such permits or approvals. Hosts should review all local statutes and laws before listing a mooring or berth on make fast mooring.