About us

Founded in October 2015 and based in Melbourne (Australia), Make Fast Mooring Pty Ltd is a community marketplace to find, rent and share available moorings in popular sailing locations around the world. Make Fast Mooring quickly connects mooring owners with yachting lovers who need a mooring space via a simple user experience for web, mobile and tablets (www.makefastmooring.com).

Whether your plan is to sail locally or overseas, if you need a place to make fast your boat, Make Fast Mooring connects sailors to our growing community. Make Fast Mooring is the easiest way for of mooring owners to monetize their mooring availability and their channel to reach thousands of sailors. We want to connect the sailing community by creating unforgettable and simpler sailing experiences.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to create a worldwide community for sailing lovers, where our community benefits from sharing and sailing freely without the limitation of not owning a mooring anywhere in the world.

We want our users to connect and of course make friends by discovering new sailing destinations, and discovering exciting new places. We want to make your sailing experiences as easy as possible for you to find always a mooring when you need it. This means providing a trusted and friendly platform, to address your needs and keep you connected with like-minded people.

Who are we?

Alberto Simongini

Founder & CEO

Alberto fell in love with sailing in his early twenties and decided to become a yacht skipper to bring his friend cruising and exploring the beauty of the Mediterranean sea. Alberto enjoys specially sailing by night and in winter as a way to reconnect with nature, and there is nothing better than arriving in a safe harbor after a long journey. Alberto has more than fifteen years of experience in Consulting and System Integration. Alberto has been working as Director for major Consulting organization and he delivered digital transformation program around the world in the Telecommunication and Media industries.

Alberto believes that the Nautical industry is also ready to transform and embrace new digital experiences. So mixing his passion for sailing and innovation, Alberto founded Make Fast Mooring in 2015. Alberto is also CTO and co-founder of Australian start-up Appee (www.appee.com.au) and Advisory Board Member of Australian start-up Eden Exchange (www.edenexchange.com).

Laiza Garcia

Customer & Public Relations

Laiza is passionate about sailing and relaxing by the sea. The sea experience that she remembers the most, was when she was 5 years old, when all her family spent New Year’s Eve camping on a virgin island in Puerto Escondido (Mexico). Her father taught her the love for the sea and sea food!

Since then, her favorite holiday destination is the beach and adventures at sea adventures. Her latest sea adventure in 2014, was snorkeling with whale sharks in the Mexican Caribbean.

Laiza met Alberto Simongini and Flavio Burattin while working for a global consulting organization and delivering leading-edge digital products. Laiza has experience in developing business and social media strategies for global and government organizations.

Laiza has left a senior role in digital consulting to join Make Fast Mooring and loves the lifestyle change it has brought. She and her partners are excited about how Make Fast Mooring can help change the sailing industry so more people can experience it around the world.

Flavio Burattin

Technology & Support

Flavio started sailing with his brother in Sardinia, Italy as a kid. Then growing up, he realized his passion is sailing as it gives a bit of adrenaline to his life.

Flavio likes to make things work, and he doesn't give up until things are done. For example, when he was 18 years old, he built his own mobile anti-theft car alarm by modifying an old mobile phone and implanting it inside his car. The alarm called him twice, and they were no false alarms!

Flavio is an Electronic Engineer and moved to Melbourne in 2006 to get more challenging work and life experiences. During the business hours, works as System Integration Manager in the Telecommunications and Media industries.

Out of the business hours, he still brings adrenaline to his life with sailing; his next challenge will be getting involved in oceanic crossings.