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Sailing is about freedom, so why shouldn’t your mooring reflect that?

At Make Fast Mooring, we want to create a global community of sailing lovers who are dedicated to traversing the ocean and exploring new destinations without the limitations of not owning a mooring. Our simple, intuitive platform allows sailing enthusiasts to connect and share boat mooring with a vast worldwide network of passionate sailors and boat owners.

Featured moorings

Our platform allows mooring owners to easily monetize their mooring availability, giving you the opportunity to quickly connect with thousands of sailors from your tablet, smartphone or computer. To ensure the perfect affordable experience for sailors and mooring owners alike, creating listings with Make Fast Mooring is absolutely FREE, with bookings only incurring a minor fee. Click here for a more detailed explanation of our mooring fees.

So, if you’re looking to profit from your mooring, or want to ensure that you have a place to moor your boat anywhere in the world, connect with the Make Fast Mooring community, and start your journey today!

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